Choicest VGM - VGM #449 - Anachronox - Democratus

Screenshot from introduction to Anachronox

Track composed by Bill Brown

The soundtrack to Anachronox was a good soundtrack but there were only a couple of tunes that I actually remember from the game: one was the music you hear when Stiletto is introduced for the first time and the other is this one, the beautiful, peaceful and serene theme song for the planet Democratus.

Another thing I love about the planet Democratus (in what is one of the most hilarious turn of events in the game) is when the planet decides to miniaturise itself and become an NPC for your party! The Earth-like planet is ruled by tall humanoids with large craniums but they're so obssessed with the ideals of democracy that it often gets in the way of them making any progress. As TV Tropes puts it, Democratus is an example of the "Democracy Is Bad" trope, or at least "painfully stupid".