Choicest VGM - VGM #444 - Emperor: Battle for Dune - Assassination Attempt

Screenshot of Duke Atreides from Emperor: Battle for Dune

Track composed by Frank Klepacki

Assassination Attempt definitely employs some passages from music that Frank Klepacki has composed in previous Dune games, which makes this track particularly nostalgic.

The Dune universe is full of assassination attempts... in fact, Thufir Hawat, Mentat to the House Atreides is also the Master of Assassins. And while on the topic of Mentats, what exactly are they? Well, in the Dune books, society at large fears AI and robots to the point that they hire humans with the analytical capabilities of computers called Mentats. They are trained from a young age and are eventually given a choice on whether they wish to continue their training or not. Apparently, Mentat capabilities can be greatly enhanced by drinking sapho juice which is very addictive. Repeatedly drinking the juice leaves a cranberry-coloured stain on the drinker's lips.