Choicest VGM - VGM #438 - Emperor: Battle for Dune - Invincible

Harkonnen cutscene from Emperor: Battle for Dune

Track composed by David Arkenstone

I believe the beginning passage of this track is used as menu music for the Harkonnen. Gotta love the robot voices and the epic electric guitar.

Speaking of "invincible", the Emperor's elite troopers known as the Sardaukar are often considered almost invincible (at least in the Dune universe). In the Dune universe, they're renowned and feared as fanatical fighters yet also ruthless, cruel and deceitful. They're apparently trained from a very young age on the prison planet Salusa Secundus and by the age of 11, only half of the children would survive. Despite the harsh training that Sardaukar recruits receive, the Fremen of Arrakis are more than capable of taking on the Sardaukar (since Arrakis is also an unforgiving place) and eventually beat the Sardaukar after Paul Atreides leads them to victory.