Choicest VGM - VGM #437 - Emperor: Battle for Dune - War for the Spice

Harkonnen cutscene from Emperor: Battle for Dune

Track composed by David Arkenstone

This track isn't my favourite from the Harkonnen side but it's a glorious distorted mixture of metal, syncopated rhythms, drums and voice samples. Perfect music when the Harkonnen forces are kicking Atreides arse. A great track to stomp your feet and bang your head to.

Speaking of Spice Wars, the "Great Spice War" actually occurs before the birth of Paul Atreides and was a campaign led by the Emperor to eradicate all stockpiles of spice melange so that the universe would be dependent on a spice substitute called "Amal". The plan never worked and apparently, when the Emperor wanted the Spacing Guild's help in eradicating all life on the planet Arrakis, he and his Sardaukar were left stranded on Arrakis. I suppose the moral of the story is: don't mess with the Spacing Guild.