Choicest VGM - VGM #433 - Emperor: Battle for Dune - Surrounded

Harkonnen cutscene from Emperor: Battle for Dune

Track composed by David Arkenstone

We might as well continue with the Harkonnen soundtrack this week and here's another great track that to me has a similar vibe to Jarrid Mendelson's "Lone Trooper" from the Tiberian Sun soundtrack, which is odd considering "Lone Trooper" to me always felt like it was a "good guy" or GDI track: considering how desolate and lonely this track feels, how it feels like it's the start of a battle against insurmountable odds, doesn't seem befitting of the evil Harkonnen, but it's a badass track just the same.

And those bells! How did Arkenstone manage to incorporate bells, guitars and sweeping synths into what is a truly epic track? The track almost sounds like prog rock, so you can understand my delight when I discovered that Arkenstone's music has been influenced by the likes of Yes (one of my favourite bands).