Choicest VGM - VGM #431 - Day of Defeat: Source - Main Menu Theme

Screenshot from Day of Defeat: Source

Track composed by Dan Haigh

I played a lot of Day of Defeat back in the day, so much so that I even had a go at running a couple of clans. The music from the original game is truly etched in my memory and the fact they even managed to use a snippet from the 1970 Patton movie theme as map victory music was awesome... but of course, once the game started to gain popularity, the developers probably had to be careful with such issues like intellectual property and definitely by the time Day of Defeat: Source came out, which is probably why they decided it was time for a new main menu theme, which is what composer Dan Haigh has delivered.

DoD: Source took a bit of getting used to... it definitely felt different to the original DoD but I eventually came around to liking the game. I especially liked the advances that the Source engine brought in terms of the dynamic audio system where the sound of distant machine gun fire wasn't just some pre-recorded background noise, but it was actually another player firing an MG42.

Anyway, since I also got into Day of Defeat: Source, Dan Haigh's main menu theme would also become a fond memory of the game, and here is the long version of the track for all of you to enjoy.