Choicest VGM - VGM #430 - Deus Ex - Credits (The Illuminati)

Deus Ex title screen

Track composed by Alexander Brandon

Ah here we have a credits theme that sounds like it would fit in the 20th century instead of the 21st which the game Deus Ex is set in. It's a mix of what you'd normally hear on the game soundtrack along with metal, rock, pop and R&B, and it's pretty groovy. I especially like the Deus Ex main theme leitmotif that plays at 1:57.

Just to confuse all the fans out there, despite this being the music that plays in the credits, examining the UMX file reveals that the title for the track is in fact "The Illuminati". It sounds a bit too boppy to be a track that represents the Illuminati to me...

Brandon sends his best regards to the Deus Ex team in the notes but he also dedicates the song to Steve Vai. Who is Steve Vai, you might ask?

Screenshot from xmplay showing the notes for the credits UMX file used in Deus Ex
UMX file showing notes made by Brandon

Well, he's actually kind of a big deal in the music world. He's a composer, guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer and has won three Grammy awards. He played alongside Frank Zappa in the early 80s and has worked with other artists such as David Lee Roth, Spinal Tap and Ozzy Osbourne. He's even worked on some video game soundtracks but I'm not quite sure what the link between him and this particular track is... unless Brandon was inspired by some of his music in creating it?