Choicest VGM - VGM #425 - Deus Ex - OceanLab 1

Deus Ex title screen

Track composed by Alexander Brandon

JC Denton eventually makes his way to a research facility called the Pasadena Ocean Lab which is apparently operated by Majestic 12. As the name implies, the California coastline is flooded thanks to an devastating earthquake in 2030 which results in Pasadena being located on the coast in the world of Deus Ex.

The Oceanlab UMX is the first of two and is split into five parts. I've only removed the second part (which I believe plays when you die) but retained the rest. It's definitely got a tropical, other-worldly feel to the music and the echoing panpipes helps with that. At 1:29 we hear my favourite part of the track which is the groovy combat music, followed by some mellow and mysterious conversation background music at 2:48. The track finishes with a heroic take on the Oceanlab music starting at 3:42.