Steam Labs Introduces New Game Recommendation Tool Called Play Next

Valve continues to provide little gadgets and tools to use with your Steam library and Experiment 008 is a tool called "Play Next".

Considering my huge Pile of Shame, this tool could be particularly useful since its goal is to check the games you've played previously and then use an algorithm to recommend which unplayed games in your library you'd like most.

I'm still going to be using the preferences from my friends as well as a new source on the Whirlpool forums to set priorities on what to play next (not to mention my own priority to ensure I play all my physical copies of game while I still can :)), but Play Next can come in very handy in the future.

So far, its suggested that I like political, dystopian detective games (Orwell); cyberpunk, turn-based strategy games (Invisible Inc.); and cult classic, comedy, point 'n' click adventures (Grim Fandango Remastered). So far, I think they're good picks.

Have you used the tool yet? What games have they recommended for you and do you agree with the picks?