Choicest VGM - VGM #422 - Deus Ex - Paris Club 2

Deus Ex title screen

Track composed by Alexander Brandon and Reeves Gabrels

There's not any clear indication who composed this track although Reeves Gabrels is credited with helping on all the "club music" tracks in the game and Alexander Brandon was involved in the NYC Bar music so I can only assume he's partially responsible for the Paris Club music too.

Again, the Paris Club tracks aren't exactly my favourites from the soundtrack but the track does have some things going for it like the Daft Punk style robotic vocals at 00:17 (which makes perfect sense, considering their French roots) as well as a pretty cool beat to finish off the track at 1:41.

While we're on the topic of Paris, it's worth noting that one of the organisation you interact with when you arrive is a so-called terrorist organisation called Silhouette. In the world of Deus Ex, it was founded in 2029 by an underground newspaper and became a resistance movement to the French government. The reason they're against the French government is that they believe them to be allied with the United Nations who are deliberately restricting the general public from accessing the Ambrosia vaccine resulting in many dying from the Gray Death. The group is apparently similar to a group of social revolutionaries during the 50s, 60s and 70s called Situationist International.

Only the first part of the UMX file is used in this track as it's the only one that really has any music you can listen to.