What I've Been Playing This Week (aka Pile of Shame Sunday)

Screenshot from Quest for Glory 1 EGA
Just taking out some goblins, nothing to see here.

The following post is part of a series of posts that are published every Sunday to update readers on what Mark G has been up to with respect to finishing off games on his "Pile of Shame". The games to target are picked by Choicest Games contributors Choona, Luke and myself. As I'll be talking about my progress through these games, there may be spoilers ahead, especially for games containing a narrative. Consider yourself warned.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Picked by Me
  • Percentage Complete = 9%
So coooool! You actually get to meet Gollum in this game (not voiced by Andy Serkis mind you, but a chap named Liam O'Brien that does it for a few other Lord of the Rings games).

The gameplay reminds me of Assassin's Creed IV which is a good and bad thing. For example, the Wraith Vision is similar to the Eagle Vision in Assassin's Creed IV where you can use it to highlight targets and points of interest. Being possessed by a Wraith is also a clever way of having a companion in the game without actually having a companion (if you know what I mean).

I'm also learning quite a bit about the Lord of the Rings lore while playing this game and fighting Uruk Captains is always fun.

One neat feature in the game is that there is a last chance system where you're able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by completing a Quick-Time Event (QTE) challenge.

Fallout 4

  • Picked by Luke
  • Percentage Complete = 26%
It took a long time for me to finish my rescue mission where I free the synth (yes, synth) detective Nick Valentine from Vault 114 (I wonder how he gets around Diamond City looking like one?). Consequently, I didn't get time to do much else although I did manage to investigate a radio array as part of a Brotherhood of Steel quest arc: it was a tough battle though since there were a lot of Super Mutants, including a legendary one, meaning, yes, you guessed it, lots of ammo expended.

I'm now in dire straits again with respect to supplies so I may have to once again do some easier quests instead. I am also addicted to one of the drugs and not sure how to get rid of this addiction... I may need to visit a doctor.

Quest for Glory I (EGA)

  • Picked by Choona
  • Percentage Complete = 36%
I've finally met Baba Yaga and now need to do a quest for her that involves acquiring Mandrake Root. If I fail to do this quest in time, I'm pretty sure it's game over. Funnily enough though, I don't think there's really any point in doing this quest in terms of a material reward, but it does award you points and it gives a bit more context when you finally exact your revenge on the Ogress.

I'm getting better at fighting but I still don't think I'm good enough to fight the troll that guards the cave (where the Baronet, turned bear and a kobold mage reside). I also met a few old characters in this game including Brauggi the Frost Giant, Bruno the Thief, Henry the Hermit, Abdulla Doo, Shameen, Shema, Erasmus and Fenrus! One thing I love about the Quest for Glory games are the well-developed characters, characters that you actually care about. It's a strength the Coles and their games have which result in their adventures being so wholesome.

You also gotta love the Monty Python references too, especially when visiting Erasmus's house!

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