Humble Bundle Offers Games Bundle to Support Animals and Wildlife Affected by Australian Bushfires

Screen grab of Humble Bundle website
Humble Bundle have a games bundle supporting the animals affected by the Australian bushfires

Humble Bundle has recently started offering a games bundle where 100% of proceeds goes towards supporting animals and wildlife affected by the recent bushfire season here in Australia (to be specific, money will be going to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Australia, NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service and the World Wildlife Fund). There are 29 games available that are usually worth over $400 which are now available for just $25.

Jacob Janerka, a games developer originally from Perth who created the wacky, but highly recommended, adventure game Paradigm first approached Humble Bundle about this on Twitter on 3 January 2020, so I had a good feeling this was going to happen. Many other generous game developers voiced their willingness to help and today we now have this bundle.

There are a whole bunch of quality Australian games here such as the aforementioned Paradigm, Hand of Fate 2, Armello, Crawl and Hacknet (to just name a few). There's also a couple of quite prominent games on Steam including Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Hollow Knight.

[ Humble Bundle: Humble Australia Fire Relief Bundle ]