Choicest VGM - VGM #417 - Deus Ex - Hong Kong Streets (The Synapse)

Deus Ex title screen

Track composed by Alexander Brandon

Now we come to my favourite track from the Deus Ex soundtrack which plays when you visit the city of Hong Kong. Since Deus Ex is set in around 2052, Hong Kong is well and truly under Chinese control (although judging by the recent troubles in Hong Kong, it'll be interesting to see if this eventually transpires or not). A quick search on YouTube would suggest I'm not the only one that loves this track as there are several remixes out there including a remix by the man himself, Alexander Brandon.

The information section of the UMX states that the title is "Hong Kong Streets", which is the title I've employed here, but it's also known by as "The Synapse".

I've extracted my favourite sections of the original UMX file which includes the normal ambient section followed by some very dance-able combat music at 2:15 (seems that just about all the combat music in this game would be appropriate in a dance-off situation) and finishes off with the stoic conversation background music at 3:10.