10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2020 - #8 Soundfall

Screenshot from Soundfall
Soundfall is being developed by Drastic Games

Okay, I promise not to feature another crowdfunded game… immediately following this one (but there are two others coming up on the list later) ;)

Soundfall is a game currently in development by Drastic Games (an indie studio formed by Epic Games alumni) and is a music-driven dungeon crawler that's procedurally generated to music. The game promises to be "as if the adventure games of your childhood became a quest driven music visualizer!" And it's not just any music that the game is procedurally generated to, but your music: the game analyses your music and then builds dungeons based on what it finds, although I'm not sure if I should feed in any songs by "Yes" into the analyser; I'm not sure if I could cope with playing a dungeon for more than 23 minutes without making a whole lotta mistakes!

So yeah, the game sounds like a weird mix of Audiosurf, Diablo and classic adventure games, and that all sounds like music to my ears (mind the pun).

Oh, and what's even cooler is the game has a couch co-op mode where you can play with up to three friends!

The game is set to be released sometime early next year.

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Q1 2020

[ LINK: Official Soundfall Homepage ]