Just Over a Day Left Before End of Summer Daze at Hero-U Kickstarter Campaign

Screenshot from Summer Daze at Hero-U
A page from Tilly's journal that shows some of the character stats available

There's just over a day left before the end of the Kickstarter Campaign for Summer Daze at Hero-U, a story rich game set in the same universe as the Quest for Glory games. The game is touted to be a mix of visual novel, adventure game and RPG, and gives you the option to play as either a female half-elf rogue called Tilly Appleberry or a male human wizard called Ifeyo Kinah.

The campaign got off to a strong start raising $50,000 AUD on its first day. Since then, the campaign has slowly been receiving funds but there's been a big push in the last few hours and the game is now 85% funded.

Reward tiers start from $25 USD (about $37 AUD) where you receive a copy of the game and go all the way up to the $520 tier (about $753 AUD) where you'll get heaps of "feelies" as well as your own portrait and name in the credits. Also, Corey Cole recently announced that anyone who backs the game at one of the physical reward tiers will receive a "Lucky Coin" based on the same item in their most recent game Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Corey also mentions in the most recent update that the main purpose of the Kickstarter is to fund the development of Ifeyo the Wizard's story as his wife Lori has already completed about a third of Tilly's story.

If anyone likes games developed by the Coles such as the Quest for Glory games or Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, this game should be up your alley. It also looks to be a game for anyone who wants to play a high quality visual novel that's more than your standard visual novel (thanks to the adventure and RPG elements).

For those that are still not convinced you can get a taste of what the game is like by playing the demo which is on itch.io and on Steam.

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