Choicest VGM - VGM #409 - Deus Ex - Liberty Island

Deus Ex title screen

Track composed by Alexander Brandon

An ominous, desolate track, this isn't the music I typically go for, but there's something special about the Liberty Island music besides the fact it's the background music you hear on your very first mission. Speaking of which:

Paul Denton: Welcome to the Coalition, JC... I might as well start using your codename. Think I'd miss my brother's first day?

JC Denton: Didn't think you'd have a choice. What's going on?

Paul Denton: The NSF-- they hit one of our shipments. A few of them got away, but we trapped the rest in the Statue.

JC Denton: What are we waiting for? Looks like a textbook assault.

Paul Denton: The NSF took one of our agents hostage. The bots are holding the perimeter, but my orders are to hold back and send you in alone. I think someone high up wants to see how you handle the situation.

JC Denton: All I've got with me is a pistol and an electric prod. I don't mind a test, but UNATCO better issue some hardware.

Paul Denton: Remember that we're police. Stick with the prod. It will stun your opponents or knock them unconcious. A nonlethal takedown is always the most silent way to eliminate resistance. Just in case, though, Manderley wants you to pick an additional weapon: a sniper rifle, a GEP gun, or a minicrossbow.