Choicest VGM - VGM #405 - SimCity 3000 - Window Washer's Dream

Screenshot from SimCity 3000

Music composed by Robi Kauker and Kent Jolly

Here we have our final track that we're going to feature from the SimCity 3000 soundtrack. It's quite a bit different to many of the other tracks that you may have heard: it's not jazzy and definitely a more mellow, relaxed affair. So, it probably comes as no surprise that this track wasn't composed by principal composer Jerry Martin and instead composed by Robi Kauker and Kent Jolly who also both played on the synths. They are supported by Glenn Letsch on the bass.

However, if you listen very closely, there is a very brief nod to the SimCity 3000 theme at 2:51, so Jerry Martin still managed to leave his mark ;).

Also, I'm assuming they've titled this track "Window Washer's Dream" since usually the goal in SimCity is to have a huge metropolis of skyscrapers (like in the screenshot). I guess on one hand it does mean the window washers will never be out of work, but man, do people really enjoy dreaming about their work? Isn't it more a window washer's nightmare?

Next week we'll see if we can start featuring soundtracks from some games that were released in 2000.