Choicest VGM - VGM #404 - SimCity 3000 - Updown Town

Screenshot from SimCity 3000

Music composed by Jerry Martin

For our final jazzy track to feature from SimCity 3000 we return back to its main composer Jerry Martin and the track "Updown Town". The first thing I could think of when hearing the title of this track was a tornado, although it's probably not the most appropriate background music to listen to as you watch your city get demolished by Mother Nature and all...

Speaking of disasters SimCity 3000 came with six disasters out of the box: earthquakes, fires, nuclear meltdowns, riots, tornadoes and UFOs. If you had the Unlimited version you were treated to four more disasters including toxic clouds, whirlpools, plagues of locusts and space junk.

The jazzy music on this track was brought to you by Ruth Davis on bass, Don Veca on drums, John R. Burr on piano, Marc Russo on sax and Eddie Ramirez on trumpet.