Freespace 2 Free to Redeem off GOG for the next 2 days

Screenshot from Freespace 2
Freespace 2 is now free off GOG for a limited time

Good Old Games (GOG) are giving Freespace 2 away free for the next 2 days, so I made sure I grabbed myself a copy to add to my Pile of Shame, and you should too (well, minus having the Pile of Shame part, I don't wish that First World Problem upon anyone)! I've actually never played any of the Freespace games but I know that it's a well-respected series. Freespace 2 in particular was a game that was very well received by critics in 1999 as a space combat simulator that could even give Wing Commander and X-Wing a run for their money; it ended up receiving many awards and fans of the game developed many mods for it.

The game however was a commercial disappointment not even breaking 30,000 in sales in the US by the end of 1999. Some speculated that it was because joysticks were going out of fashion which may have caused the slump in sales (although I'm skeptical that would've been the only reason. Maybe the appetite for space combat simulators in general just wasn't there anymore?).

Anyway, if you're interested in retro space combat simulators from the late 90s. Might be worth checking out. Oh, and it apparently works on Windows 10 too, which is a good thing to know since games from the mid to late 90s are a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to compatibility.

[ GOG: Freespace 2]