Choicest VGM - VGM #401 - SimCity 3000 - Power Grid

Screenshot from SimCity 3000

Music composed by Jerry Martin

Welcome to our first track for the third playlist to contain Choicest VGM! These VGM playlists have come a long way, considering Choicest VGM #1 was uploaded 6th Feb 2011! That's more than 8 years ago now! What better way to celebrate the occasion with one of my favourite energetic tracks from SimCity 3000 called "Power Grid".

This track stands out from the rest because it's not jazzy or orchestral: it's almost industrial, and that's exactly what you want with a track called "Power Grid". The track builds up, starting with a catchy dance beat at 1:13 to what sounds like some glorious distorted guitar at 3:13, giving off the feeling that the power grid is complete and you've got a bustling, neon-lit metropolis tapping into it.