Choicest VGM - VGM #400 - SimCity 3000 - Night Life

Screenshot from SimCity 3000

Music composed by Jerry Martin

Wow. I can't believe it but I'm now at the end of my second playlist (assuming that YouTube still limits 200 songs per playlist, I guess we'll find out soon enough). This particular track is another composed by principal composer Jerry Martin and it's yet another jazzy number. You could just imagine yourself cruising down the streets of your SimCity 3000 city at night to this track... and imagine you must because there are no day/night cycles in SimCity 3000... you'll have to wait until SimCity 4 for that ;).

The usual suspects are here in terms of those that bring the music to life, including Ruth Davis on the bass, Paul Van Wageningen on the drums, John R. Burr on piano, Marc Russo on sax and Eddie Ramirez on the trumpet.