Choicest VGM - VGM #396 - Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds - The Fighting Machine

Screenshot from Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds PC game

Music composed by Jeff Wayne
Arranged and Programmed by Max Mondo
Engineered by Pete Smith
Sound Engineer Paul Chivers
Additional Programming by Gaƫtan Schurrer
Mixed by James Cassidy
Music and Audio Production by Jeff Wayne Music Group Ltd.

The last track to feature from the game version of Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds is one called "The Fighting Machine". This track has the Martians singing "Ulla!" to an infectious dance beat along with a cool guitar solo at 03:19.

A lot of this track seems to feature in "Thunder Child", which is one of my favourite parts of the original album: in this part an ironclad named HMS Thunder Child manages to actually take down two of the tripods before a third melted its "valiant heart". Interestingly, many think the HMS Thunder Child is based off the HMS Polyphemus: a torpedo ram that was launched in 1881. Torpedo rams are meant to be torpedo boats that are also able to ram other vessels. They were designed to penetrate enemy harbours at speed and sink anchored ships. While the Royal Navy didn't produce any more torpedo rams, you can see how they may have had a fighting chance against the Martian Fighting Machines.