Choicest VGM - VGM #388 - Lords of Magic - Order

Screenshot from Lords of Magic

Music composed by Keith Zizza

This week's track comes from the soundtrack for Lords of Magic, a strategy game by the company Impressions who developed many strategy and simulation games in the 90s but are probably most famous for their city builder games such as Pharaoh and Zeus. Keith Zizza, the composer on Lords of Magic, is also responsible for composing many of the soundtracks for games developed by Impressions and he continues to compose music for games to this day (although mainly mobile game titles it seems).

Anyway, I'm only featuring one track from this soundtrack because it's by far the best of the bunch and one that has stuck in my head to this day (the other tracks were often more ambient than this one so maybe that's why they weren't as memorable). There are eight factions in Lords of Magic representing what each of the factions worship. You've got your typical four elements of fire, earth air and water, but you've also got more abstract concepts like Life, Death, Chaos and, my favourite, Order (does that make me a Templar if this were the Assassin's Creed universe? Hmmm, maybe :)). I just love the acoustic guitar in this and the whole medieval feel to the track.