Choicest VGM - VGM #386 - Gangsters: Organised Crime - Track 04

Screenshot from Gangsters: Organised Crime

Music composed by David R. Punshon and Richard Wells

No, this isn't the soundtrack to some 70s porn film, but it could very well be the funkiest piece of music I've heard in a computer game; it's definitely the funkiest on the Gangsters soundtrack, that much is true. It really starts to pick up the Gangster vibe at 0:29. At 2:01 you'll be treated to a psychedelic break which places extra emphasis on that sweet bass guitar. At 3:03 the track goes into full jazz mode thanks to a glorious trumpet solo before returning back to the full funkiness at 3:50.

Since the track is so damn funky it's also one of my favourite tracks on this album, along with Track 03.