Choicest VGM - VGM #385 - Gangsters: Organised Crime - Track 03

Screenshot from Gangsters: Organised Crime

Music composed by David R. Punshon and Richard Wells

Ahhh, this is the track I remember when I think about the game Gangsters: Organised Crime and I'm pretty sure the reason for that is because it plays on the menu. It's a menacing yet action-packed piece of music with a strange mix of jazz, techno and funk: it works pretty well together though, so there's definitely no complaints here! The techno/dance sequence starts in earnest at the 0:30 mark interspersed with funky guitar samples. 1:36 gives way to a glorious trumpet solo and at 1:50, the funky guitar comes back in to provide the harmony. At 2:06 we're treated to what almost sounds like a reggae segue (hey, that rhymes!) or a healthy dose of soul-funk before returning back to the main theme at 2:20.

This track is probably my favourite piece of mobster/gangster music where the style isn't reminiscent of the era (for that, you'd need to listen to something like Mafia's soundtrack).