Choicest VGM - VGM #383 - Dune 2000 - Harkonnen Battle

Screenshot from Dune 2000

Music composed by Frank Klepacki

Here we go with some more badass Harkonnen music. This one has an epic orchestral feel to it though and it really hits you with a sledgehammer, right from the start. What I love about all the music from the Westwood Dune games are that they mimic Toto's soundtrack for the 1984 film, and Frank Klepacki does a brilliant job of it.

And that's it from Dune 2000, next week we move on to another PC game soundtrack from 1998 :).

Special thanks to the Video Game Music Preservation Foundation (VGMPF) for extracting this music and creating a wiki to record information on these classic pieces of video game music.