Choicest VGM - VGM #381 - Dune 2000 - The Fremen

Screenshot from Dune 2000

Music composed by Frank Klepacki

This track starts with a very Arabian, Middle Eastern feel to it, which is appropriate since the Fremen are basically the bedouins of the desert planet Arrakis. Also some funky shenanigans start occurring around 00:42. The track then goes into a sort of syncopated march before reaching a choice passage with piano at 2:03.

In Dune 2000, the Fremen are a unique unit available to the Atreides and are stealthy infantry that are equipped with anti-vehicle weapons, making them effective at ambushing vehicles (like harvesters) or even performing surprise attacks on bases.

Special thanks to the Video Game Music Preservation Foundation (VGMPF) for extracting this music and creating a wiki to record information on these classic pieces of video game music.