Choicest VGM - VGM #380 - Dune 2000 - Under Construction

Screenshot from Dune 2000

Music composed by Frank Klepacki

Here we have some more music from Dune 2000. Just like last week's "The Atreides Gain", this track, called "Under Construction", is also inspired by a track from Dune 2's soundtrack: the Dune 2 track is called "Faithful Warriors" and it remains a favourite of mine from both games.

It starts off with a lone snare drum along with some beautiful harp and choir music, which gives it a majestic, uplifting feel, before it moves into the business side of things at 0:52. It perfectly complements your base building up and growing into a hive of activity, I think that's why I like it in particular (and it's the same for certain tracks in the C&C: Generals soundtrack that evoke the same feel). At 2:19 the track moves into a more melancholic, eerie passage before transitioning to another passage in 3:31 which has a damn cool bassline.

Special thanks to the Video Game Music Preservation Foundation (VGMPF) for extracting this music and creating a wiki to record information on these classic pieces of video game music.