Choicest VGM - VGM #372 - Age of Empires - Open

Screenshot of Age of Empires: Definitive Edition but running on Classic Mode

Music composed by David Rippy and Stephen Rippy

When people think of Age of Empires, they probably think of the game's more popular and successful sequel, Age of Empires II, however there was an Age of Empires game before that (well, obviously) and my first experience with the franchise was with the original game which sees you take your civilization from the Stone Age all the way through to the Iron Age. Consequently, the game centres on the ancient and classical era of civilization and you get to play with great civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. It was a fun game and up to that point, I'd never played a historical RTS before... they always tended to be fantasy (Warcraft) or sci-fi/modern warfare (Command & Conquer).

Anyway, another great thing about the game was its soundtrack which you could play in a regular CD player! This particular track is the first you'll hear as it plays on the Main Menu screen. As expected, drums feature quite extensively in this soundtrack and especially in this somewhat ambient theme to the game.