Choicest VGM - VGM #370 - Theme Hospital - Night Shift

Screenshot from Theme Hospital

Music composed by Russell Shaw, Jeremy Longley, Adrian Moore and Andrew J. Wood

Here we have another track that has a relevant name: "Night Shift". I love the fact that this track sounds like the theme song to an 80s medical drama.

Anyway, while we're on the topic of hospital night shifts, let's feature some statistics that you may not know about:

- Sleep-deprived doctors are at high risk of making medical mistakes that can harm or kill patients during the night shift
- Night and weekend shifts are filled with temporary or agency nursing staff, many of whom have less training and less familiarity with the hospital
- Patients admitted to the ICU on weekends were more likely to die than those admitted during the week
- Financial constraints prohibit many hospitals from fully staffing their facilities 24 hours a day
- Patients bound for the ICU are likely to wait hours in the emergency room for a bed
- Night time staffers are fewer and less experienced
- 50 to 70% of patients are admitted to the hospital at night or on the weekend
- More than 7% of patients die near 6pm. That's the highest percentage of deaths in the day.
- Nighttime shifts can run from 6m to 6am or later
- Children are 22% more likely to develop cerebral palsy if they're born between 10pm and 4am
- Babies born during the night are 16% more likely to die than those born during the day
- 248,000 patient deaths over a three-year period were discovered to be preventable, according to one study

Well, that was pretty depressing. Just as well you only need to worry about virtual doctors, nurses and patients in Theme Hospital...

All details are from this infographic here: