Choicest VGM - Check out Frank Klepacki's appearance at Super MAGFest 2019

Screencap of music video featuring Frank Klepacki and Tiberian Sons
Global Defense Initiative selected.

Due to life getting in the way, there will be no usual Choicest VGM post for today - however I have been listening to this particular concert quite a few times and if you haven't, you're missing out, especially if you're a fan of the music from Command & Conquer and Red Alert. Klepacki and a band called the Tiberian Sons (hyuk, get it? ;)) cover quite a lot of music from the early Command & Conquer games.

The video is from Super MAGFest 2019 which was held from January 3-6 in Maryland. MAGFest is apparently an annual festival held in the Washington D.C. metro that celebrates video games and video game music, so it sounds like my kind of festival! Too bad they don't have something similar here in Australia (i.e. an event that specifically features video game music and its artists), at least not one I'm aware of...

(Also, Klepacki is such a tease, leaving Hell March as the encore track)