Choicest VGM - VGM #367 - Theme Hospital - Atlantis

Screenshot from Theme Hospital

Music composed by Russell Shaw, Jeremy Longley, Adrian Moore and Andrew J. Wood

Here we have music from a classic PC game and a classic developer: Theme Hospital by Bullfrog. While the technology used to create the soundtrack in the game was starting to show its age (the chaps at Bullfrog were still using MIDIs) they actually did a pretty good job of it as the soundtrack turns out to be pretty memorable, especially this particular track which is my favourite of the bunch: "Atlantis".

I'm not quite sure why they decided to name one of their tracks "Atlantis", especially considering all the other tracks in the game usually have hospital-inspired names, unless it's some kind of joke implying your hospital administration skills are about to make the budget share the same fate as the fictional island...

Anyway, whenever I think of Theme Hospital, I think of this track. You could just imagine all the hospital staff diligently going about their daily duties to this tune, ensuring you're receiving the best in healthcare. It's actually perfect music for an 80s commercial come to think of it. I also love the passage towards the end of the track at 02:25 - it's just so groovy.