Choicest VGM - VGM #359 - The Curse of Monkey Island - The Barbery Coast

Screenshot from The Curse of Monkey Island

Music composed by Michael Land

Here we have another memorable tune that won't be leaving your head any time soon - it's the music that plays when you visit the pirate barbers at "The Barbery Coast": Edward van Helgen, Cutthroat Bill and Haggis McMutton. These guys eventually become your crew as you sail off to lift the curse off Elaine (who turns into a gold statue rather early on in the game). The game obviously not only had an impact on me, but also a guy called Bart Klepka who used to do sick VGM remixes, back in the day. You can check his remix of this tune right here:

Thanks to zeitgestalten who recorded this audio so we can all enjoy how awesome Michael Land's soundtrack really is. Check out the website below: