Choicest VGM - VGM #352 - Quake II - Quad Machine

Screenshot from Quake II: Quad Damage

Level Music by Sonic Mayhem

This particular track you hear is Track 5 on the Quake II CD-ROM; the game incorporated Red Book Audio meaning you could play the soundtrack in your regular CD music player. It's called "Quad Machine" and since this is Quake II we're talking about, I can only assume the title is a reference to "quad damage" and not an elliptical trainer. This is one of my favourite tracks from the Quake II soundtrack: it really gets the adrenaline going and I'm pretty sure I even heard the track used as a backing track for a TV show ad before (where only a VGM nerd like myself would be the one to notice).

The concept of a quad damage bonus has been around ever since the first Quake and has been in every Quake game since, right up to Quake Champions; it's even made its way into the 2016 version of Doom (that's how iconic it is).