Hacknet Labyrinths Official Soundtrack Review

Album Artwork for Hacknet Labyrinths OST
Album artwork for Hacknet Labyrinths OST

  • Reviewed by: Mark Goninon
  • Name: Hacknet Labyrinths Official Soundtrack
  • Label: Boss Battle Records
  • Composer(s): Rémi Gallego, OGRE, Cinematrik, Tonspender and HOME
  • Number of Tracks: 8

If you've been following my Pile of Shame Sunday posts, you'll know I'm currently playing Hacknet and its expansion Hacknet Labyrinths. As the name suggests, Hacknet is a game all about hacking but while you're trying to decrypt passwords, perform DDoS attacks and hack open ports, you're treated to some pretty choice electronic music: I liked the soundtrack so much that I purchased both the Hacknet and Hacknet Labyrinths soundtracks. I'll get around to reviewing the Hacknet soundtrack soon but first cab off the rank is the soundtrack for Hacknet Labyrinths which I purchased off Steam.

When you purchase the Hacknet Labyrinths soundtrack off Steam, two soundtrack folders pop up: one of them contains 8 MP3s at 320kbps and the other contains higher quality FLAC files. The folders also contain a little album artwork PNG file too.

The album contains all the music you'll hear while playing Hacknet Labyrinths: from the music you'll hear while performing the Kaguya Trials (OGRE's "snidelyWhiplash") to the credits music (HOME's "Dream Head").

There aren't really any terrible tracks on this album and no filler (which is good since there are only 8 tracks in total): they're all good in their own way but particularly good tracks include Rémi Gallego's "Sabotage" with its retro sci-fi feel followed by a manic second half that's reminiscent of action movie music, Cinematrik's electronic rock number "World Chase" which sounds like something out of Megarace 2 and HOME's dreamy, nostalgic and chilled "Resonance".

My favourite track overall though has to be "Payload" by Rémi Gallego: I love the beat as well as its chilling, menacing feel punctuated by syncopated rhythms. From 4:08 onwards the track even adopts a baroque feel, similar to "Aerodynamic" off Daft Punk's album "Discovery".

Score – 8/10

A great soundtrack to play the game to and listen to on its own. If you're into synthwave, vapourwave, French House and VGM, you'll definitely find something to like on this album.

If you're interested in purchasing the soundtrack, it's available for $7 AUD on Bandcamp. It's also available on Steam for $4.99 USD and GOG for $6.59 AUD.