Choicest VGM - VGM #342 - Master of Orion II - The Insectoid Klackon

Screenshot of Klackons from Master of Orion II

Music by Laura Barratt

This track plays whenever you're talking to the Klackons in Master of Orion II, an ant-like race that operate as a hive mind meaning they're the only race in the game to have a "Unification" government; in gameplay terms, a Unification government means increased food and industrial production, and no morale penalties. Spies also receive defensive bonuses due to a lack of traitors. The Klackons also start on a large homeworld which is a nice little (or should that be, "large") bonus. A big downside for the Klackons is that they have the "Uncreative" trait which means while they're able to pick a general category of technology to research, they can't pick specific projects.

The theme for the Klackons sounds frenetic yet at the same time, methodical and determined. You can just imagine a huge colony of ants, efficiently going about their business.