Choicest VGM - VGM #340 - Master of Orion II - The Elvish Elerians

Screenshot of the Elerian Ambassador in Master of Orion II

Music by Laura Barratt

This track plays whenever you're talking to the Elerians in Master of Orion II, who are somehow described as "elvish" or "elf-like" due to their "strong, angular facial features". The Elerians are led by an order of omniscient female mystics. In gameplay terms, races that are omniscient can see all star systems from the beginning of the game and can also see all fleet movements, even if they are cloaked. Apparently the mystics also grant them a bonus in combat which in gameplay terms means the Elerians are granted a +25 Ship Defense bonus and a +20 Ship Offense bonus. To top it all off, the most powerful mystics are telepathic which means not only do they have an advantage with diplomacy and spying, but they also can mind control planets (so there's no need for them to bomb the planet or conquer it with ground troops). On the downside, the Elerians have a feudal form of government which means research and morale suffers (although ship costs are cheaper).

The theme for the Elerians has a haughty and menacing tone to it, which is perfect for the Elerians - I mean just look at how the Elerian Ambassador looks at you with contempt! They're obviously a very proud race who have a superiority complex, another trait they share with Elves I guess. Maybe they really are Space Elves!