Choicest VGM - VGM #337 - Master of Orion II - Hostility 1

Screenshot from Master of Orion II of the Trilarians

Music by Laura Barratt

This track is one of three tracks that plays when you're on the diplomacy screen with an alien ambassador but they are hostile to you - i.e. they're either demanding you pay them tribute before they declare war on you, they want you to declare war on another empire to honour an alliance or they simply don't like you because of past transgressions. The switch between the default theme for an empire and this one can be quite jarring at times, especially when it's the Trilarians (who are meant to be a peaceful, pacifist race) but I guess a dynamic music system like iMUSE wasn't exactly a priority for Simtex :).

Oh, this also happens to be the only track I actually like out of the hostile themes: it's got a very 80s/90s sci-fi flick feel to it (something that wouldn't feel out of place in David Lynch's 1984 film, "Dune").