Choicest VGM - VGM #330 - Megarace 2 - Bronx

Screenshot from Megarace 2

Music by Knockin' Boots Productions and Eric Los

Thankfully, I finally got past the Bayou track which means I can now present to you the background music for the final track in Megarace 2: Bronx. This track was a piece of cake after Bayou and I managed to complete it the first go - just goes to show how difficult the Bayou track really was.

At one point in development I'm guessing Cryo wanted to use the music for Moonbase 9 for the final track of the game as you can hear it during the intro video when Lance Boyle introduces it to the audience - however, despite the rap samples which would probably fit well with the Bronx, the rest of the track is probably too optimistic, too happy, too care-free for a level where it's do-or-die. Consequently we have the more tense and serious music that we hear in this track.

Last time I extracted the music from this game, it was directly from the audio files: doing so only gives you short segments that you're meant to piece together in order to create your own tracks. In an attempt to make the track sound more authentic (and not fabricated by myself) this time I recorded the audio while actually racing the tracks.