Choicest VGM - VGM #328 - Megarace 2 - Moonbase 9

Screenshot from Megarace 2
That's no moon....

Music by Knockin' Boots Productions and Eric Los

The fourth level of Megarace 2 is takes place on the mooooooon, on Moonbase 9 to be precise. Again we've got some pretty funky guitar as well as some dance music, with a part that sounds a bit similar to the second half of Hell March by Frank Klepacki (maybe they were just using the same samples). It also seems like there's some guy that keeps sincing "C'est tous! Tous! C'est tous!" but not sure if that really makes any sense...

Last time I extracted the music from this game, it was directly from the audio files: doing so only gives you short segments that you're meant to piece together in order to create your own tracks. In an attempt to make the track sound more authentic (and not fabricated by myself) this time I recorded the audio while actually racing the tracks.