Firaxis to Bring Minor Improvements to Civilization VI: Rise & Fall This Month

Screencap of Civ VI Rise & Fall March 2018 Developer Update Video
A new patch coming to Civ VI: Rise & Fall will ensure city states aren't as easy for AI civs to conquer

Firaxis has recently released a video giving a sneak peek at some of the minor improvements they'll be bringing to Civilization VI: Rise & Fall in terms of UI and gameplay balancing. Here's a summary of what is coming soon:


- Flags will appear on the tech tree which shows what your ally is researching (hopefully this will apply to teammates in multiplayer too)
- More tooltips to explain how loyalty works
- Adding timeline when game ends (why didn't they already have this feature?)

Game balance

- Entertainment complexes have new effects to keep them competitive with water parks
- Dutch polders can be placed next to hills
- Loopholes will be fixed in the warmonger system
- Experience you get from fighting free cities will now be capped (I guess some people exploited this?)
- Prevent emergencies from ending when a city flips over (hah, I was actually the benefactor of one of these bugs)
- Buffs to city states so they're harder for the AI to conquer

Check out the video below: