Video game composer Zircon releases new PC game Tangledeep

Screenshot from Tangledeep
Tangledeep is a retro rogue-like developed by Impact Gameworks

Video game composer Andrew Aversa (aka zircon) has released a new PC game called Tangledeep. Developed over two years, the game apparently combines "the aesthetic of games like Secret of Mana, Chrono trigger and Lufia 2" with "addictive dungeon crawling gameplay"

Aversa has worked on several video game soundtracks but he also composes stuff like this:

So you can be assured that Tangledeep will have a quality soundtrack and to that end, Aversa has released the soundtrack onto Bandcamp. The soundtrack is inspired by games from the 16-bit era and Aversa even collaborated with other video game composers such as HIroki Kituka, Grant Kirkhope and Norihiko Hibino during its development.

The game is now available on Steam for $13.49 USD and GOG for $17.19.

[ LINK: Official Tangledeep Website ]