Two new Rainbow Six Siege Operators revealed: Finka and Lion

Screengrab from Rainbow Six Siege official website of new operators
New operators have been revealed for Rainbow Six Siege

With the new Outbreak mode being released next month on Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has decided to reveal two of the new operators called "Finka" (Dr. Lera Melnikova) and "Lion" (Olivier Flament). They are touted as being "the most qualified biohazard specialists in the world".

According to the lore, Melnikova earned her nickname "Finka" ("knife" in Russian) during Spetsnaz training with Kapkan and receiving a scar from a knife while sparring with him. She is a medium armour attacker that gets a choice between the Spear .308 (assault rifle?), SASG-12 shotgun and 6P41 Pecheneg machine gun. For secondary weapons she gets the usual Spetsnaz loadout of either a PMM pistol or GSH-18. Melnikova's special ability seems to be giving all operators on the team a small health boost (so she sounds a bit like a healer from a fantasy RPG with the ability to "Heal All").

Olivier Flament earned the nickname "Lion" while working in Sudan. While protecting a field investigation team his loud voice scared a frightened mob back and the nickname stuck (doesn't sound like much of a mob if you ask me). He is a medium armour attacker who has a choice of the V308 (whatever that is), 417 Marksman Rifle and SG-CQB shotgun. He has the usual GIGN options of a P9 or LFP586 pistol as secondary weapons. Lion's special ability is being able to detect movement in an area – so maybe something like Pulse but on the attack?

Operation Chimera, the first season for Year 3 will be released on the 6th March.

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