Indie Point 'n' Click Adventure Mage's Initiation Release Date Pushed Back to Q3/Q4

Screencap of Mage's Initiation image on Kickstarter
Mage's Initiation seems heavily inspired by old Sierra games like Quest for Glory

I backed Mage's Initiation on Kickstarter many years ago back in 2013 when the release date for the game was originally predicted to be February 2014. Fast forward to now, four years later, and the game is still in development; not only that but the release date has now been pushed back to Q3/Q4 of 2018 (which means there's every chance it might creep into 2019).

But I'm not worried, since Mage's Initiation is a retro point 'n' click adventure inspired by classic Sierra games like Quest for Glory. That means there's no rush to release a game because you're afraid your graphics engine will be out-of-date (more applicable to other genres like simulations and FPSs); it'll get done in due course and Himalaya Studios have plenty of experience in developing point 'n' click adventures.

Apparently all NPC voices have been recorded and lip-synced and there's over 3,000 lines of recorded dialogue (that's a lot of lines). The main character called D'arc, however, has over 5,000 lines and they haven't even started recording or lip-syncing but apparently a lot of his lines are just narration and won't require lip-syncing, so Himalaya Studios estimates it will take 2-3 months to complete this task. Himilaya Studios states that this will be followed by some beta testing, bug fixing and finalising of cutscenes before the game is finally released.

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