Choicest VGM - VGM #311 - SimCopter - Techno 1

Screenshot of SimCopter

Soundtrack by: Jerry Martin

Again we get to hear another superb soundtrack by Jerry Martin... too bad the tracks are in a really low bitrate though although this was done intentionally as you get to listen a lot of the music in SimCopter through the radio. You can listen to classical music, jazz, rock and "techno". While I tended to listen to the rock station most of the time, I did enjoy this particular track on the techno radio station.

Despite the graphics looking very primitive by today's standards, SimCopter was quite novel in that it allowed you to import SimCity 2000 cities to fly around in! That was pretty special. What was even more special was if you had a military base since that unlocked the ability to fly an Apache gunship! Ohhhh yeah...

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