Choicest VGM - VGM #310 - Syndicate Wars - Track 2

Screenshot from Syndicate Wars intro

Music and sound by: Russell Shaw and Adrian Moore

Despite its predecessor being a 2D affair, the graphics in the original Syndicate have probably fared better than the primitive 3D graphics you get to see in Syndicate Wars, but you have to give Bullfrog a break... this was 1996 we're talking about here (when 640x480 was still considered "high" resolution). The soundtrack had improved in terms of fidelity as tracks on the CD-ROM was now used for background music. There were only three tracks on offer but you were able to pick which one you wanted to listen to from the menu. I must confess I didn't really get to listen too much to the other two tracks and just stuck with the default track.

The music for Syndicate Wars is a much more ambient affair compared to its predecessor and this track is full of ominous synths, strange high-pitched wailing and oriental sounding instruments, so you've definitely got that cyberpunk future feel where Japanese megacorps have taken over the world (although in the case of Syndicate, the only megacorp should technically be Eurocorp...). I especially love the part at 2:05 and at 2:27 you get to hear a motif that is reminiscent of the original Syndicate soundtrack!

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