What I've Been Playing This Week (aka Pile of Shame Sunday)

Screenshot from Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series
I hope I've left a good impression on the chap

The following post is part of a series of posts that are published every Sunday to update readers on what Mark G has been up to with respect to finishing off games on his "Pile of Shame". The games to target are picked by Choicest Games contributors Choona, Luke and Lanna. As I'll be talking about my progress through these games, there may be spoilers ahead, especially for games containing a narrative. Consider yourself warned.

Thaumistry: In Charm's Way

  • Picked by Me
  • Percentage Complete = 23%

Back in 2015, I typed up a "Where are they now?" post about Interactive Fiction veteran, Bob Bates and suggested there was a market out there for Bob Bates to make a comeback with respect to indie interactive fiction games; that statement is going to be put to the test this week as his latest interactive fiction adventure Thaumistry: In Charm's Way has now been released on Steam. 1,053 backers (including myself) helped provide the remaining funding via Kickstarter but I'm hoping this game does well commercially too.

I've played the game for about an hour so far and am enjoying it. It's surprisingly not as difficult as I thought it would be but maybe that's because I've just started and the game is very helpful in teaching you how to play (which I'm sure will help any gamers that have never experienced interactive fiction titles before).

Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series

  • Picked by Lanna
  • Percentage Complete = 33%

I've completed Episode 2 and have come to the conclusion that House Forrester must be the unluckiest house on Westeros; every character seems like they're near death's door and it also seems incredibly difficult to take the noble or honourable path (especially when you're such a small house with little military or political power). It's all a bit depressing really but there's still a tiny sliver of hope for the house...

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

  • Picked by Lanna
  • Percentage Complete = 25%

I haven't made any further progress on this – it’s now on hold while I am distracted by Telltale adventures 😊.

Battlefield 1

  • Picked by Lanna
  • Percentage Complete = 10%

I haven't made any further progress on this – it’s now on hold while I am distracted by Telltale adventures 😊.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

  • Picked by Luke
  • Percentage Complete = 80%

I've been stuck at the same spot in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis for well over an hour now. Last week, I was worried about wasting orichalcum beads but thankfully I found a machine that actually created the stuff and now I've essentially got an unlimited supply of them (so that's one less thing to worry about). This meant I was able to activate an Atlantean sentry robot which crushed a Nazi guard outside of Sophia's cell. With the guard out of the equation I thought it was a simple matter of opening the cage and freeing Sophia, however when Indy lifts open the cage, Sophia is reluctant to escape! I've tried all my inventory items and also explored the maze a couple of more times but I still don't seem to be any closer to figuring this puzzle out... I may have to resort to another hint :(. But I really don't want to...

War Thunder

  • Picked by Choona
  • Percentage Complete = 30%

Finally got the game ready to go and managed to spend half my time playing tutorials (to reacquaint myself with the controls) and the other half playing arcade battles (a couple in the air and a couple as a tank). I’m trying out the British aircraft and vehicles this time since I noticed that there are actually some Australian planes in the mix (although it looks like you have to pay real money to fly the CAC Boomerang). I’m enjoying the arcade battles but just like last time, I think the research screens, technical specifications, plus all the jargon is a bit too much for the casual player.

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