Strewth! Aussie games Armello, HackNet, Satellite Reign and Hand of Fate in latest Humble Bundle

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Do you come from a Land Down Under?

For most of these games that are included in the most recent Humble Bundle, I didn't even realise they were Australian. Yes, I've heard plenty about Armello (which also happens to be a game on my wishlist) and of course I've heard of Hand of Fate since I was actually one of its 1,395 backers on Kickstarter but the rest I had no idea and fair dinkum, they aren't half bad either with all of them rating positive on Steam.

In fact, the very first tier is really good value for money since you can pay whatever you want to get The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (a virtual tabletop experience based off the Fighting Fantasy books by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson), Screen Cheat (a novel multiplayer FPS where "screening" is encouraged), Hand of Fate (an action RPG roguelike within a card game) and Satellite Reign (which sounds like an open world version of classic cyborg strategy game, Syndicate).

At the second tier, where you have to pay more than the average (which is only $3.63 as I type this) you can also get terminal-based hacking simulator Hacknet along with its DLC Hacknet Labyrinths, local multiplayer dungeon crawler Crawl and multiplayer survival FPS Hurtworld.

At the final tier (of $12) you have Armello which is a mix of board game, card game and RPG; like Hand of Fate, Armello also received funds through Kickstarter - a whopping $305,360 AUD to be precise.

So not only do you get a warm and fuzzy feeling of donating to charity, you can also help out some Aussie devs too with this latest bundle. Well worth a look.

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