Choicest VGM - VGM #299 - Transport Tycoon Deluxe - Funk Central

Screenshot from Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Play that funky music white... snow?

Original soundtrack composed by: John Broomhall

Only one more track to go before Choicest VGM reaches 300 VGM tracks so good thing that we're listening to the groovy tunes of Transport Tycoon Deluxe on our way there. This is also the first video I've created using VSDC Free Video Editor where I've had to change the font from white to black thanks to this snowy screenshot I took making it really hard to read white text (it's actually not that easy to read the black text either but oh well, it's better than nothing :P - you're really here to listen the music anyway, right?)

Speaking of snow, Transport Tycoon Deluxe expanded upon the "climates" you could have by three. Instead of the Maritime Temperate British climate you get by default (and which was the only one available in the original Transport Tycoon) you also got access to a sub-arctic climate (featuring lots of snow), a sub-tropical climate (featuring rainforests and deserts) and a Toyland "climate" (which is just a joke tileset complete with Toffee Quarries and Battery Farms).

Anyway, Funk Central happens to be another favourite track of mine but I was seriously blown away by the live version of this track that John Broomhall included in the smartphone version of Transport Tycoon - do yourself a favour and be sure to give it a listen!

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