Choicest VGM - VGM #294 - Entomorph - Track 11

Original soundtrack composed by: Danny Pelfrey and Rick Rhodes

The eagle-eyed readers among you will notice that I seem to have skipped Track 10 of the Entomorph soundtrack and gone straight to Track 11 - rest assured, this was done intentionally. Apologies in advance to any who really liked Track 10 from the game but I'm only picking memorable tracks for inclusion with Choicest VGM and Track 10 doesn't fit the bill, mainly because I don't think I ever got to a stage in the game where I heard it (it sounds rather triumphant, so maybe it occurs at the end of the game) and also because it's rather boring.

This track on the other hand, I like. If it sounds rather robotic or mechanical, there's a reason for that since it's the music that plays when you visit this cave filled with robots; maybe they are the remains of an advanced ancient civilization (apparently the original World of Aden game called Thunderscape had a steampunk setting)?

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